Camberwell Medical

Project TypeMedical Centre



Site 2,000 sq.m.

Completion2021 (Photos coming soon)

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Dealing with a significant Heritage dwelling is always a special challenge that we  enjoy. We believe that an addition should be contemporary and that doing so enhances the Heritage fabric’s unique character. This commercial redevelopment project alters an existing Heritage Mansion into modern Medical-consulting suites, which is then complemented by a Contemporary two-storey addition with a Medical Imaging program.

The addition employs modern construction techniques to enable more fluid geometries, in contrast to the original building. The new development includes a Mobius strip to unify the streetscapes and allows the reception areas below to better connect to the surrounding landscape. Carefully detailed proportions, materials and use of colour enable the new addition to complement the existing Heritage Mansion. The redevelopment complements other nearby community-health providers nearby – including aged-care, disability support services and dentistry.

Capability Statement Medical & Allied Health Clinics

andever balanced the architectural vision and our project realities beautifully. They were incredibly responsive and worked collaboratively with our consultant team to meet our project timeline. We feel very lucky to be their clients and highly recommend them!

– Linda & Jonathan (Clients)